About Four Seas


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I am Melissa Dean, creative artist and content creator based in Las Cruces, NM.

I am building a life based around deep connection, and seeking a life of positivity, simplicity, and genuine happiness. I have been working with local, homegrown businesses creating social media content, and branded photo art for years, and find a thrill in finding the vibe in the workspace you've created, and beautifully showcasing what you're most proud of... your space, your product, and your overall element.

I am infatuated with cannabis culture, and am working to end old, antiquated stigmas surrounding it, and to see it brought into the mainstream. I have a mind to show the beauty and mindfulness that defines everything we know about cannabis culture. It has proven to be such a positive vehicle for me, in seeking my own joys and truths. I truly hope to pass that along to everyone I encounter, whether a prospective client, acquaintance, or friend. But mostly, I want to show the best side of you. For me, it's all family. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into my life.


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