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Each person's relationship with cannabis is unique and different. Celebrate this side of yourself. Unwind. Relax. An uplifting session and an expression of individuality. Elevate with us. 

  • Up to 1.5 Hour Session

  • 1-2 Locations (Most sessions take place in home!)

  • 75+ Digital Images for digital download for easy access on multiple devices.



Legit product photography done in our unique style. We might shoot macros, flatlays, location inspired, etc. We are down for some inspiration, or just let us go wild. We'll make your stuff look awesome.

$75 per product | 5 Digitals Included
*gallery with a minimum of 20 digital images to choose from. Additional images $25.

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In Your Element

In your element means we come into your space, and showcase your vibe. We will connect with your staff, and the overall atmosphere you've created at your place of business. We'll get the action as it happens, along with promo shots designed for websites, social media, blogs, etc. We'll show how LEGIT your spot is.

75 Images for digital download

Business Atmosphere
Up to 5 employee headshots
Team shots