What's up!! We're Melissa and Koko, creative artists and content creators based in Las Cruces, NM! (Don't worry, we travel!)

We are building a life based around deep connection, and seeking a life of positivity, simplicity, and genuine happiness.

We have been working with local, homegrown businesses creating social media content, and branded photo art, as well as 420 sessions! We find a thrill in finding the vibe in the workspace you've created, and beautifully showcasing what you're most proud of...your space, your product, and your overall element!

We are infatuated with cannabis culture

and are working to end old, antiquated stigmas surrounding it.

We want to see it brought into the mainstream. We have a mind to show the beauty and mindfulness that defines everything we know about cannabis culture. It has proven to be such a positive vehicle for us, in seeking our own joys and truth. We truly hope to pass that along to everyone we encounter, whether a prospective client, acquaintance, or friend. But mostly, we want to show the best side of you. For us, it's all family. We look forward to connecting with you and welcoming you into our lives.

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