July 19, 2021

7/10 Cannabis Industry Event at Rio Bravo by NM Cann

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Cannabis Events are here and we are ready for it!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know Cannabis is legal in New Mexico now! We are so excited about this industry and where it's going. We were invited out to Rio Bravo Brewing in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a private Cannabis Industry Event put on by NM Cann Magazine, to document the day.

I'm not going to lie. It was strange on a few different levels.

Notably, there being a gathering of people, who don't have to wear masks and stand six feet apart as the pandemic winds down. People craved the normalcy of it all. It was palpable. Then there's the fact that people were smoking cannabis openly. Now, that's not to say that it was like a Sublime With Rome concert where you know you are leaving high whether you smoked or not. It was low-key, almost unnoticeable. People didn't draw attention to it. In this setting, it was just as normal to grab a beer or step aside to smoke a cigarette. Honestly, I probably found it more than others since I was documenting the event and seeking those moments out.

It was fun to see people happy and share their passion.

There were booths set up at the event, but it wasn't like other vendor fairs that I have experienced. These people were in it. They were eager to connect and share. The cannabis culture is rich in diversity and it was a gift to have such unique people set up and get their word out. Not to mention, the weather was beautiful! Even though a storm threatened for most of the day, nobody seemed too concerned about it. We all welcomed the break from the typical July heat.

Oh man, and the music was JUST what our souls needed.

Burque Sol and The Riddims were such a treat after live music has been on hold for so long. Burque Sol took to the stage first and set the tone of the evening. Their energy and talent radiated through the space. You couldn't help but smile when listening to them.

The Riddims were a whole vibe and everybody felt it.

People couldn't help but be drawn to them and feel their music. The dance floor in front of the stage practically begged to be used again. Kids - young and old alike, came together, and danced, and laughed, and savored every moment while the band played.

Holy F*-ood

Can we just take a sec and drool over this Frito Pie from Rio Bravo Brewing?! This thing was massive! They didn't skimp on a single thing and IT. WAS.TASTY.

This is a great kick-off for what's to come.

If this is the beginning of what things are going to look like now that cannabis is legal, I think people will be pleasantly surprised. The antiquated stigmas are finally going to start falling off. It doesn't matter where you are in your journey, the cannabis culture is here to welcome you with open arms.

Melissa Dean

Artist | Photographer | Blogger

Melissa is a wife, mother of 3 incredible kids, cannabis photographer and advocate. She spreads the message of normalizing cannabis use, especially among moms, through her Four Seas Cannabis blog and social media posts. You can catch her creative vibe daily at @fourseascannabis on Instagram.