July 27, 2021

Hash Smash 7/10 Event at The Historic El Rey Theater in Albuquerque, NM.

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Another cannabis event in the books!

The Hash Smash at The Historic El Rey Theater in Albuquerque was actually our first introduction to a cannabis friendly event. We showed up to capture the day unfold around noon. I had NO idea what to expect. I wasn't sure if there were going to be people smoking. I couldn't know what the vibe was going to be. I was oddly nervous, but also pretty excited as this is the start of a new era for New Mexico.

But first, I think it's important to explain what the significance of 710 is.

I definitely wouldn't say I'm new to the cannabis world. It's been a part of my life for a good while now. But I will be the first to admit that I had ZERO clue what 710 meant and why it was significant. I asked a few people and was told 710 is a stoner holiday similar to 420, however, 710 is more directed toward the cannabis concentrates and those who dab. 710 flipped spells OIL and is a term that is commonly used to describe anything related to cannabis concentrates. That, of course, is a super quick explanation - but that's what I was given:)

It definitely gave me "underground" vibes.

Walking up to The Historic El Rey Theater in the middle of the day, we were greeted at the door by security guards to check our tickets, stamp our hands, and invite us in. Once we entered, it took a second for our eyes to adjust to the dimly lit foyer. Actually, it was pretty dark and the aroma and haziness immediately took over your senses.

And yes, people were smoking and dabbing openly!

I imagine it will take some getting used to, but for now, it just seems so taboo. The vibe was actually pretty chill. There were booths set up not only inside and outside, but upstairs as well. The stage was decked out with beautiful glass trophies to be awarded later in the evening and podiums for games and other little events, like this brownie eating contest.

And Distillate Don was there with his Pharmers Quality Phuego Truck!

If you've been in the cannabis world at all, you know Distillate Don and his Pharmers Quality products! We've taken many photos of their products and not only do they photograph beautifully, but their taste is *chefs kiss* magnificent! This was also the first time we had a chance to meet Don and his crew. They are such a great group of people and their vibe was SO inviting!

The cannabis world is opening up.

And I promise you, there will be a place in the culture for you. The cannabis culture is vast and there will be some events that speak to you and some that don't - and that's okay. There will be the family vibe events and 21+ events, just as there are with alcohol related events, you just need to find your people. Find your vibe. And be open to this new era - it's not as scary as we've been conditioned to believe.

Melissa Dean

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