August 19, 2021

Finding Inspiration

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Inspiration and Creativity

I wish I could say inspiration for sessions and products came easily to me, but in reality I go through bouts of frustration, lack all creativity, and question why I'm in this field/genre anyway. I think that's just the life a creative soul lives. I feel as though this is something photographers deal with regularly. I like to imagine that it was probably easier to create before Facebook and the internet took us by storm. I think, though inspiring, that Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media has hindered our creativity. Comparison plagues inspiration. It tells us "why bother?". It takes our voice and puts it through a filter that we can no longer live up to. Some people find inspiration and foolishly look to Google to see if it's already been done. Why? Why do we do this to ourselves?

I once read that the Universe drops the same inspiration to multiple places throughout the world.

This is to be sure that it comes to fruition. To make sure that it doesn't sit in the idea phase indefinitely. I feel like there is some truth to this. It's why two people from opposite sides of the world come up with the same concept. There really is so much beauty in it. It's up to us to deliver it.


we're supposed to put our spin on it. Maybe our version of it will connect and inspire others on their path. We need to stop second guessing ourselves and just create for us, in our own way, with our own voice.

My very first flat lay. Ever. With items I collected around the house:)

"But, I'm not good enough!"

I get it. I hear that, too, more often than I'd like to admit. I've compared and struggled and questioned everything I've created. I've been mean and ugly to any progress I've made over the years. I constantly put my creativity down. I tell it that it disappoints me. I dim it's light regularly.

Yet, I still find myself creating.

And trying new things. And learning. And yearning to be better.

Imagine with me, what it would be like if we started being a little more kind with our work. What could we create if we nurtured it? What if we applauded ourselves every time we pushed through and made something - even if it's not a masterpiece?

My 3rd flat lay. A Harry Potter themed cannabis flat lay. My first piece of work that I was actually proud of.

What if we were proud of ourselves just for showing up?

I think mindset is a huge part of creativity, inspiration, and let's be honest - life. Gratitude, with practice, begins to shape your reality. If gratitude is your mindset, then your perception of the world will start to change. You start to see beauty in unlikely places. Things will start to catch your eye differently. You will start to be inspired by little moments. Ideas will flow to you if you are open to it. You will be grateful when an idea strikes you in the middle of placing a Walmart grocery order. I'm challenging myself (and you!) to create something - anything - everyday. I'm allowing whatever I create to be good enough for the day. I'm proud that I did something, whether it's with photos, making a side for dinner "pretty", drawing something, writing something, or creating a picture of a detail that's important to me right now (i.e. my youngest son's messy face, my daughter's messy room, or my oldest son's way of playing videogames). I'm challenging myself to be kind to my work no matter the medium. Who says that we have to outdo ourselves every time? What if the magic is buried within the process of actually showing up? What if inspiration finds it's way to you more often because you are making yourself available to it? Invite it in. Thank it. Receive it. The world needs it.♡♡