August 23, 2021

Making Decisions

The decision you make right now decides who you'll be tomorrow.

If you're anything like me, you've made and broken about a million promises to yourself. My favorites are "I don't need a coke (coca cola) in the morning, I'll start with water" and almost without thinking in the morning I pop the tab on my frosty, refreshing morning soda. Or the "I'll definitely start exercising tomorrow", which is conveniently remembered as I step out of the shower. I've also said hundreds of times that I would commit to something, only to let it fall to the wayside. Same with wanting a better life and allowing myself to sabotage the process because I'm lazy. Change is uncomfortable. Building new habits is really, really hard. Committing to being intentional is a life-changer, but you have to really be ready to put in the work. You have to stop allowing yourself to make excuses. Having accountability for yourself and really following the rules is where you are going to find out how willing you are to change. Tonight, right before bed, I realized that I didn't get around to blogging today. So here I am again, cramming it in right before midnight. Things are different this time. I'm ready to put in the work to be successful. See you tomorrow!