August 24, 2021

Session with @SouthwestCannaMiss

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420 Sessions are my favorites!

We started talking with Susannah a couple months ago and I just knew I had to have a session with her. She is so down to earth, spiritual, and truly the kindest soul. We planned our first session at her home. Her space was so inviting and unique. I was immediately drawn to some old photos she had on her wall and as I set up I had her tell me all about them. She has some seriously interesting stories. I set my backpack on the edge of the table and started contemplating which lenses to use. At the other end of the table laid a spread of tarot cards, a candle, and sage. I knew instantly that this session was going to be just what my soul needed. Susannah asked if it'd be okay if she saged our space and set the intention before the session. "Absolutely!"

Susannah's home felt like I was in a painting.

That was the vibe that I wanted to share. The uneven, natural light that fell through the front windows called my name. It's so unlike me to embrace uneven lighting, but in this instance, I welcomed it. It was unique and helped tell the story. I stopped worrying about trying to control everything, the "rules of photography", and just decided to feel the session.

I had no idea how energized that would make me.

We didn't plan out many moments and there wasn't a ton of direction. It was mostly just talking, and "oh, hold that right there for a sec" followed by more talking. Her space has the cutest furniture and I would ask her to "sit here" or "stand there". We talked music and soul and laughed at her kittens running around.

She also does these amazing things with smoke that made it so hard to narrow down photos from her session. I probably made her do things like this about 100 times.

Then we moved outside. Her outside space is to die for. We had such a blast during the session. It was so calm and chill. There were no expectations. No awkwardness. Just the two of us trusting the process, listening to music, and trying to create something unique that fit her vibe. You will definitely see more from us in the future!