August 20, 2021

The Honey Shoot

Products, Photography

Honey & THC - The PERFECT combo

At the beginning of the week we were up in Albuquerque with Elevated RX. Their crew is seriously the most down to earth, chill group of people! They are funny and kind, and hanging out with them for the day was such a treat! Their products and packaging were a dream to photograph! While I was photographing some standard product photos on the white backdrop, the Honey Caps immediately caught my eye. I zoned out for a minute.

Remember on Armageddon when Bruce Willis pushes the button to blow up the meteor and the series of moments flash before his eyes?

Cue dramatic music.

Okay, okay - so it wasn't quite as epic as that, but I definitely did get a flash of a few images that I HAD to create. This one here, being at the forefront of it all! Koko brought me back to earth asking me if I was okay. He's no stranger to me zoning out regularly haha! I had to get these Honey Caps home to photograph in my studio! We came home Monday evening and on the way home I described the shot I wanted to create. I also insisted that I needed a honeycomb and that he would have to get to the store ASAP so I could create this shot and others I had planned.

He called me from the store. There weren't ANY honey jars with a honey comb. I was CERTAIN that they had to have some. Thankfully, he found them in a section that made ZERO sense, but whatever - at least I had it!

Now, to make a HUGE mess!

When I'm photographing products, I don't intend to keep things perfect. Actually, it's quite the opposite. I've ruined lenses and product (unintentionally) with sparklers, compromised nearly every product I've touched in one way or another, and probably have disappointed Koko by ruining products that he was looking forward to more often than not. Sorry, not sorry! Haha.

Behind The Scenes

My bathroom gets THE prettiest light in our house. It's my favorite place to shoot! Here's about an hour squished into 26 seconds. I started off with the "clean" shots first and then worked my way into making a huge mess. I had honey on my fingers, my camera, my legs, obviously all over the table - and the messier it got, the more I liked the shots. I'd like to say that I'm pretty proficient with photoshop. That first shot I showed up there, I probably could have photoshopped together and honestly, it would have taken A LOT less time. But, I love the process. I love trying to get my vision to come out in camera. This was one of those, inspiration hit me and I welcomed it with open arms, moments.

I was GIDDY when I got this shot!

Yes, I know you've already seen it, but I wanted to give you a little backstory on what I was dealing with while trying to capture it. First of all, it's honey, not exactly the easiest thing to work with. Secondly, I truly hate using tripods, so in one hand I'm holding my camera and in the other I'm spinning the honey dipper (that's actually what it's called - I had to google it!). So I'm spinning this in my non-dominant hand, trying to get the capsule to fall with the stamp not only facing up, but toward the camera as well. I'm spilling honey all over and missing the jar while I'm looking through the eye piece. It would start to fall properly, then the honey would grab and flip it upside down. If you go back in the video, you'll see how many times I played with trying to get this ONE single shot.

I thought it would be interesting to show you some that didn't quite work out for me too.

Why? Because, it's a process - and I think it's interesting. So many people only see the highlight reels. Here's some that I like well enough, but they weren't what I was going for!

And finally, some from the rest of the shoot.

The clean shots, the messy shots, and the honeycomb shots:)