Let's Do This!

We all share a space in Cannabis Culture. Each of us have our own unique relationship with it, and our own take on how it has improved our lives. For us, it's all about capturing the joy and peacefulness that Cannabis has given us all. So we aim to capture it, whether it's events, art, business branding, or 420 sessions. We want to photograph every single thing we can, in relation to our shared sacred plant.

Business Branding

We want to show you off to the world. Your business is a reflection of you, your passion, your hard work, and your style. You created something incredible. We want to show it for how awesome it is. No matter where you find yourself in Cannabis Culture, we make sure your vibe and essence is put on display beautifully. Let us capture the soulfulness of your space, your element.

Product Photos


Legit product photography done in our unique style. We might shoot macros, flatlays, location inspired, etc. We are down for some inspiration, or just let us go wild. We'll make your stuff look awesome.

Cannabis Art


High quality product work.
See what we did there:)
We are in the business of normalizing.

Cannabis is beautiful and we love to showcase it in a unique way.

In Your Element


Showcase your unique space.
We will connect with your staff and the overall atmosphere you've created at your place of business. We'll get the action as it happens, along with promo shots designed for websites, social media, blogs, etc.

75+ images



We document everyone connecting.
We show the vibe of the event and make you feel what it was like to be there.

Social Media Content


Elevate your online presence.
We'll work together to plan out content for your business.

420 Sessions


Portraits on a higher vibration.
Celebrate this side of yourself. Unwind. Relax. An uplifting session and an expression of individuality.

Note: We also include portraits without cannabis use for these sessions -
just in case you were wondering! :)


What do you mean when you say you shoot "Cannabis culture"?

It means that we want to photograph anything and everything related to Cannabis. Whether that is businesses, people, events, products, or really anything cannabis related. It doesn't just stop there though. We love anything 420 Friendly and are down to work with businesses that may not actually be a part of the culture directly, but sit on the fringes of it and serve people within it. We are talking barbers, yogis, holistic healers, glass blowers, artists, etc... anything alternative, we are all about it. And we also are here as a resource for people curious about cannabis and its many uses. We are happy to help you understand everything available to you, and are more than willing to answer any questions you might have. We are here to spread the love and beauty that is everywhere in this community.

When will we get our photos?

We guarantee photos will be delivered within 2 weeks of your session. They are displayed in a private, password protected online gallery. From there you will be able to select your favorites as well as download your high resolution files. The gallery also functions as an online store where you have the ability to purchase high quality prints for your space!

Where are you based and do you travel?

First things first... we LOVE to travel. We are based out of Las Cruces, NM but we love to see where our work can take us. We are regularly shooting events and for clients all over New Mexico, but we are eager to reach places much further. If you have somewhere you want us to come to, just ask!

Do you photograph weddings?

Yes we do! Before we began our journey photographing cannabis culture, we were award winning wedding photographers. We now take limited wedding work. Mostly small elopement type weddings of 50 people or less, and "WEEDINGS" which are cannabis friendly wedding events. We would love to connect with you about your 420 Friendly Event. We are definitely all about it. โœŒ

What our clients are saying:

โ€œ...The end results were so unbelievably wonderful and totally encompassed me as a cannabis user, advocate and patient. Melissa is helping to create a normalized brand of moms, professionals and humans that use this amazing plant and I would recommend her to anyone that is trying to make themselves a brand. From my yoga classes to cannabis consulting she was able to capture the true spirit of me!โ€

โ€”Ceara - Yoga instructor

โ€œFour Seas made me feel so comfortable and confident during our cannabis session. My vision came to life and I also have received the most stunning product shots from them! Highly recommend, as they are fun and professional!โ€

โ€”Emily - Cannababe & co

A.P. - Wedding

"I've already spoken at length in a previous review about how fun it is to have Melissa and Koko at your life's big events, but the part I left out is how much fun it was to have them take photographs of my wedding party on the balcony smoking cannabis during our wedding reception. Not only were they able to capture our diversion in a beautiful and artistic way, but their relaxed vibe fit perfectly with the crowd and added to the enjoyment of the moment. Besides the smiles they bring with their good humor and general kindness, Melissa and Koko do incredible work and their skilled use of New Mexico's incredible natural light, plants and landscapes will surely take your cannabis event and product photos to a higher level. As an aspiring cannabis entrepreneur, I look forward to continuing our professional relationship with Four Seas not only because I love supporting amazing local businesspeople but also because I know how much value their taste and artistic eye adds to content and it's worth every penny."

Colin - Vermont Farmacy

"As entrepreneurs we try to handle nearly every aspect of our business ourselves. Most of the time we are able to achieve or exceed our goals with extra effort or time. However sometimes you need to solicit the help of professionals.

Melissa & Koko are exactly thatโ€ฆ photography pros.

When it comes to staging, composing, lighting, and editing; look no further. These two do an exceptional job. They are also great communicators, and work in an extremely timely fashion despite their busy lives. Koko and Melissa are two of the most caring and thoughtful humans we have ever encountered. They want nothing more than to see others succeed. And with their stunning photography, it allows you to do just that. I would not hesitate to book them for product shots, photos of your next event or for a family portrait. You wonโ€™t find anyone who is more competent behind the lens than these two. Their work has single handedly upgraded the look and feel of our small business. We will forever be grateful. 10/10 would recommend!"